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The Best Books for Children

Goodnight Moon, the 2nd greatest book in the list. Picture from Wikipedia.

Books are an important part of growing up as a child. A recent article talks about the new list of the top 100 greatest books for kids. Charlotte’s Web came out on top as the best children’s book of all time, while Harry Potter and the  Sorcerer’s Stone landed spot number 6. People were surprised to see Harry Potter so far down on the list considering its impact on society, but it is also not very old while books like Charlotte’s Web and Goodnight Moon have reined as great childhood books for decades. Scholastic compiled the list of the top 100 books and looking at it most of them seem familiar or are some of my favorite books. In class we discussed how some books and comics can be considered trash to adults and it was interesting to look at this list and not see any comic books. I think they easily could have been considered in this list because they have been popular for children for a long period of time. It would have been good to at least see the Goosebumps series recognized on the list but it doesn’t seem to be deemed worthy enough for a scholastic award. For the most part though looking through the list I think that most of the books belong on there. It is strange to see such new books like The Hunger Games above books like Holes or the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Overall it is very interesting to look at the top 100 books for children and it is only opinion based, but it is fun to look back and think about some of the books I read over and over every night.

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