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Gathering News for Blogging

Tactic 1: Join Twitter. Remember, you don’t need to actually tweet, just read the tweets of others.

Who to follow? Raid my lists for journalists or childhood studies people to follow (or tech people, if that interests you). Or, visit the Auburn University list of journalists on Twitter. Or, visit some of the sites below, see who writes the articles that interest you, and see if those journalists have Twitter accounts (most will).

To use a list, click on the “list members” tab; scroll through the bios of the people on the list, to see if they seem appealing to follow.

Tactic 2: Start using an RSS feed, like Google Reader. Add feeds from some of the websites I’ve listed below.

Tactic 3: Just surf around on likely sites. A few below.

New York Times

Atlantic Monthly

Christian Science Monitor

National Review

Washington Post 

San Francisco Chronicle

LA Times 





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