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Mario! and Super Mario Bros!

This short melody is very familiar with every body.

Yes! this is Super Mario Bros Theme Song  in acapella version.

When I was in elementary school, I ran to home right after school to play Super Mario Bros faster than my younger brother. I was humming this song when i was running to home.

Super Mario Bros are the one of the famous character in the world. Kid to grandfather, boys and girls, most of people know Super Mario Bros. Many people think that Super Mario Bros is the first Mario game from Nintendo, but  it was not the first game of Mario. In 1981, when Nintendo arcade game company is in bad economic situation, president of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, create an arcade game to save the company. ‘Miyamoto came up with the idea of a game in which the playable character has to make his way through an obstacle course consisting of sloped platforms, ladders and rolling barrels. Miyamoto named the game Donkey Kong, and its main protagonist “Jumpman”. Donkey Kong was big hit in North america arcade game industry and then Miyamoto named ‘Jumpman’ to ‘Mario’ , name from Italian warehouse man who came to receive rent from Nintendo company. So the Mario was created. After Mario’s first appear, Mario has appeared over 200 games titles and also in many of movies and comics. Mario series are still available in the market.

At the time of my young age,around 9-10, Super Mario games were so popular, Price was about $120 in American currency but when we transfer this money to present currency, it is worth about value of $500. It was very expensive to have game system, therefore most of my friends’s dream were receiving game system. Since Mario was male character in the game, it might influence on the girl’s gender identity as statement from the  Elizabeth Segel “the girl reader ,no doubt, identified with these enviable heroes as she read, and, theoretically, she could have used them as role models in the dearth of fictional female alternatives to tamed tomboys and saintly sisters.”(177).  However I don’t agree with her because when children play roles as Mario’s characters, boy always wanted to play Mario brothers and girls always wanted to play princess Peach. Therefore, girl didn’t have many of influence on gender identity.