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“Mommy WOW! I’m a Big Kid now”

Pull-ups for Toddler

  In 1989, a new brand of disposable diapers appeared in stores called Huggies.  They were made for children to put them on like underwear and protect clothing in such a way as a diaper would.  My mother, along with millions of other mothers, switched to “Huggies” when I matured from an infant to toddler.  But, why would so many people switch from the diapers that already shielded their children’s accidents away from their clothes?  Once you have seen one Huggies commercial you will understand that it’s all in the slogan and advertising.

Shown in one Huggies commercial aired in 1994, only five seconds of the whole commercial focused on the material and effectiveness of the pull-up.  Much of the commercial shows cute toddlers using the restroom on their own.  The slogan, “I’m a big kid now” is sung by a child-like voice at the end of every commercial as well.  The objective of the commercial was to show children that wearing these types of pull-ups will actually make them a big kid (or at least feel that way).  It also gave parents the idea that the actual pull-ups could help potty train a toddler.  This type of advertisement could be compared to the “Revolution in Marketing and Childrearing explain by Gary S. Cross in “Modern Childhood, Modern Toys.”pg50  With the advance of toy manufacturing, Cross believed that advertising agents created new forms of persuasion that used “nostalgic themes and colorful personalities in order to establish a friendly image.”  He believed many Americans were sold on the idea that those new, modern products would create a happier and more well off family.  Would one believe that a regular pull-up could help potty train a child rather than making it easier for them to wet themselves and get away with it?  Well, “Huggies” made millions a believer.